GraNd OpeNiNg Sale!!! Buy 1 epattern get one epattern free of equal or lower value, please email me the name of the pattern/s you would like along with your paypal address, so that I may invoice you.

ThaNks so Much!! Viv

HaLLoWeeN Party Jack in the MooN

Its Jack! I caN almost hear hiM huMMiNg *borN to be wiLd* LOL He aNd his MooN is made of paiNted,saNded,staiNed,aNd baked osNaburg.He's just a veRy sweet lookiNg lil fella, but you JUST know he is full of mischief! lol He measures 14 high,aNd 14 across. ThaNks!! Viv

Price: $6.50